Welcome to our employment page and thank you for your interest in our organization.

We are always on the look out for top notch employees for both our harvesting and trucking operations. We typically have 3-4 employees working full time and take on an additional 8-10 people seasonally for the harvest. Check both the harvesting and trucking pages for detailed information.

Do you love harvesting, running equipment, seeing different ways of farming, travelling, the feeling that you get from a job well done? Do you get along with others, enjoy seeing your team members succeed, and like to accomplish things not everybody can do? Are you worried about the damage done to crops due to weather or losses even if it's not your own? Do you imagine learning how to harvest efficiently and effectively like you never thought possible?
If those questions speak to you first then you may be interested in some of the other benefits we have to offer. We like everyone to obtain their commercial truck license and as such we help you obtain your license. This is a skill that you take with you forever. You need a work visa to work in the United States, we arrange and pay for it. We take care of lodging. The pay is at or above the industry standard. Don't count out the experience itself, it may be worth more than anything, I know it has been to a lot of past employees.

Take a look at our basic job description and requirements, not all are required up front. We will train and help you achieve some of those skills as well.

You will need a valid passport to enter the United States in June, so we will require it before we leave in May.