Welcome to our website. We now operate as GPH Enterprises Inc. Which is simply short for Gallagher's Precision Harvesting. We would like to introduce you to our business and encourage feedback and responses from potential employees, customers, and anyone else interested in what we do.

My wife Bonnie and I, along with our 2 girls, started our business on the family farm south east of the Town of Vermilion in Alberta, Canada.

We come from multi generation farm families and it is this heritage and upbringing that we carry into our business. It is why we have a passion for what we do and an undying commitment to complete a job.
As farmers and business owners we share your concerns when margins get tight and we work with you to manage them. As an employer we value our employees' contribution to our organization and recognize this accordingly. I personally love to recognize a job well done and reward that effort.

In all facets of our business you will find that we continually push ourselves to a higher level or standard. To that end we have established a new location near Ashley North Dakota USA. This location allows GPH Enterprises Inc. to be more efficient by operating central to our customers.

Come join us and be a part of our growing organization enjoy the site, look at the pictures, contact Shawn anytime.